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The Power of Plants

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, used in nearly every ancient civilization for aromatherapy, beauty treatments, food preparations, health care practices and religious customs. Our ancestors knew exactly how to harness the power hidden within the roots, leaves, seeds, flowers, fruits, bark and other parts of plants. While it's enlightening, you won't need to break out your Bible or flip through the history books to gain an understanding of what these extracts are and how they work. Thanks to doTERRA, we have access to the highest quality essential oils in the world today. Now that we've met, you also have access to all the education and resources you need to incorporate these gifts of the earth into your own home and healthy habits.  

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An Essential Experience

You simply must open up one of these little brown bottles of goodness and inhale. Take Wild Orange Essential Oil for example: Citrus Sinensis, The Oil of Abundance, Sunshine in a Bottle. Its sweet citrus aroma would surely be enough to win you over, but underneath lie chemical constituents d-Limonene, B-carotene and Citral and powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, depurative, sedative and stimulant properties. They all work in divine concert to cleanse and detoxify the body, calm an anxious mind and uplift a melancholy spirit. Given the many gifts in just one drop of this beautiful oil, no wonder it can turn a scarcity mentality into thoughts of gratitude and abundance. It can be used aromatically and topically and because it is doTERRA, taken internally.

Why doTERRA?

There's a reason why doTERRA is the world's leading essential oil and wellness company, home to more than 10 million loyal customers and growing. OK, there are many reasons. Their commitment to quality and purity through their unmatched Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) standard is one. In an unregulated industry, you can trust that doTERRA's essential oils and products are third-party tested and approved as 100% pure, sustainable and safe for your whole family. This ensures that every time you open that bottle of Wild Orange you can count on the same cleansing and uplifting experience. Co-Impact Sourcing is doTERRA's groundbreaking model for sourcing essential oils where they grow indigenously on our planet (for example, our Wild Orange comes from Brazil) and for working collaboratively with the local growers and distillers who have been carefully harvesting the plants for generations, bringing them fair wages and a better quality of life through economic development and educational initiatives and access to medical facilities, infrastructure, housing and clean water. Our Healing Hands Foundation pours millions of dollars annually into global first response efforts and worthy causes such as Days for Girls and O.U.R. Rescue. The heart of our company stems from the examples of integrity and generosity set by our Leaders who founded doTERRA with their own money, not taking paychecks until the company became profitable, and remaining debt-free today. Their vision for a new Healthcare Model where Board-Certified physicians deliver integrated medicine, combining traditional and holistic solutions, not only treating symptoms but working with patients to develop unique and comprehensive wellness plans, is about to disrupt our nation's sick care system in the best way. Finally, unlike other essential oil companies in the marketplace, doTERRA is focused on Education. And, as Wellness Advocates, we not only educate on our beloved essential oils and how to use them, but on an overall approach to complete health and wellness.

The Essential Life

Learning to live a wellness lifestyle means integrating the support of our essential oils into the building blocks of your daily health habits. It means taking a proactive approach to managing your health and feeling empowered by natural options as you need them. By attending live and online classes, interacting in social media groups, consulting trusted desk and e-references and meeting one-on-one with a Wellness Advocate as desired, you'll learn to support your body, mind and spirit in all the ways you want to live your life to the full.

Upcoming Essential Oil Classes and Events

Let's join Team Grassroots Wellness for Oil Nights, Mondays at 8pm EST. Join us for an hour of fun, education and giveaways, featuring an original DIY.

April 4 - Essential Oil Hacks  Register here

April 11 - Oils of the Bible  Register here 

Then, attend Teamwide Thursdays Continuing Education with Team Healthy Essentials, Thursdays at 8pm EST. Register here for the whole series. Use passcode: spring

April 7: I Have My Oils, Now What?
April 14: Mind & Mood ~ Come Out of the Dark
April 21: Home & Garden Detox (Earth Day Tribute)
April 28: LIVE Home Makeover Tour
May 5: Immunity 2.0
May 12: Cooking, Cocktails & Mocktails
May 19: Spring & Summer Skincare
May 26: Vacation Essentials

New to Natural Wellness? Join us for an upcoming Essential Oils Made Easy Class, April 6 at 1pm or April 27 at 8pm EST. 

No need to register; simply use this link and enter passcode 1234. It's just that easy!

Come out and see us for a free hand massage at the Inner Wisdom Healing Center Open House on Sunday, May 1 from 3-6pm. 

Let us help you address stress, sleep, immunity, pain, digestive, respiratory or overall health (just to name a few) with a variety of natural solutions. Register here for this free event.

Reach out to schedule your own Class or Make-and-Take Event! Contact us here.

We'll come to you and bring the oils, education and fun right to your own venue. Choose from a variety of class topics and make and takes. Ask about our Host/Hostess and Referral Programs.

Looking for a convenient online alternative? Find us here on YouTube.

Check out our full class recordings under the Essential Classes Playlist. For shorter programs, you may enjoy Wellness Wednesdays or Essential Moments.

Essential Oil Class Offerings

Essential Oils Made Easy

Essential Emotions

Stay Healthy All Year Long

Green Cleaning

Oils of the Bible

Spice Up Your Life (aka Sexy Class)

Essential Motherhood

Summer Essentials

Lifelong Vitality

School Essentials

DIY Health (for Men)

Women's Health Series (3 classes)

Essential Spa + Skincare

Essential Cooking

Essential Pet Care

Essential Performance

doTERRA Business Made Easy

I Am Fabulous

I Am Fabulous

This informative and transformative workshop brings creator Desiree Mangandog's background in Chinese medical training (Classical 5 Elements) together with her passion for doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils and how they work to achieve emotional healing. We'll address overwhelm, fears, self-esteem, clarity and personal power through a "fabulous" protocol that delivers each of us into the truth we need to hear and embody. The cost of this workshop includes class handout, a healthy snack buffet, the essential oils used in the protocol as well as a custom blend to take home, and some time, space and tools to process your experience. 

Minimum group size is 5; cost per person is $27. Contact us here to discuss times, dates and locations.

iTOVi Scan and Consultation

With a simple scan, this amazing tool helps us understand how your body responds to the products you use. Using scientific technology and a patented algorithm, iTOVi takes the guesswork out of the growing world of essential oils and supplements. The scanner combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor, temperature and Bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations. We use our experience and resources to interpret your results and recommend a customized wellness plan. 

30-minute sessions are $45 (or free for members of Team Share and Shine)

Contact us to schedule a consultation

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