I am grateful for snow, crisp, clean, white beauty, renewal, soft, cold, dark, safe place of dormancy, reflection, gathering nourishment, God working in the deep on my behalf, preparing for a breaking forth. I am ready to shine.

break my heart

November 2010 I’ve heard the words, “They don’t eat today.” As I’ve watched your children laugh and play. I’ve felt the loss Of a dying generation, Yet I’ve joined in their powerful praise and celebration. I’ve seen the suffering Of lepers, O Lord, And am humbled by their joy in knowing you more. I’ve stepped

ode to the Outer Banks

reflection and life vision… There is such peace here.… Doors open to waves and rest, breathing deep salt air. My feet sink in sand, toes mingling with warm water. Wind blows through my hair. The beach soothes my soul. This rhythm gives me glimpses so treasured and rare into his plan for my Kingdom self


“I choose to be persistent for it is the dedicated who succeed. I will overcome and learn from my adversities. I will celebrate my success along the way. I will plant, nourish, and serve my life’s garden everyday knowing with trust and faith that my harvest cannot be prevented.” Tiffany Peterson


I am moved… in boxes, to tears, according to his plan. I am moving… from here, inside out, in the Spirit. Move with me… step out, let it go, by his hand.