my voice

My voice is an instrument of the Lord. It sometimes rings loud, but regardless of its volume, it rings strong and it rings true. I am a child of God, created by him for his pleasure, for his purpose and for his glory. I am not anyone’s victim. Because of his grace, I am not

at home in the contrast

April 2012         Dear God, I am looking all around me and my mind is full of images that don’t align. I see suffering and destruction on every corner – piles of debris, people seeking a connection – everything and everyone seems to be broken. The dust is thick and in the heat it is difficult

my winter

February 2011 This is my winter and my discontent. I am cold outside and in. My depression falls on me like an old wool blanket… …too itchy, too warm, too familiar. I want to move but I am overwhelmed. My brain lies dormant while my body hibernates. My soul is weary, but my spirit waits

cozy Christmas

I’m remembering It’s a December thing, The story of our Savior’s birth. Lord, show me the way This holds meaning today, Its relevance, significance, worth. I’m thinking about Two parents in doubt, Their trust in God extended. Willing to move Without making Him prove What it would look like when it ended. I’m inspired by

I remember you

December 2017 I remember you… You’re the one who made the moon and the stars and the sun, set them all in the sky to guide me. You’re the one who tells the wind and the water to move, deeply refreshing and sometimes overwhelming me. You’re the one with the extravagant love, the amazing grace,

beautiful mess

November 2017 I am reminded of my vision back in 2008 of God hovering over me. Genesis 1:2 – he hovers over the surface of the void (the mess). At the time, I was mentally and spiritually climbing out of a pit of deep depression. The night of the vision, I had just climbed into