November 1. Such an emotional and significant day for me. Last year on this day I woke up to a new destiny. Just a few days before I had drawn a line in the sand and gave up sugar (again). After a farewell tour of sorts, binge-eating non-foods and giving my sugar-addicted inner sweetheart whatever she (thought she) wanted for a full year, I really quit. And then on October 31 I went through withdrawal. Instead of trick-or-treating with my family I was in bed with a fever, nausea and the shakes. But when I woke up on November 1 the worst was over and I chose to keep going, taking one step, one day at a time. Forming new habits wasn’t easy. Recovering from eczema all over the left side of my body was painful. The battlefield in my mind was raging. This went on for months. But God is so faithful. I was given strength moment by moment as I received prayer from my small group, family and friends and leaned into my spiritual formation practices. I used the knowledge of essential oils and other natural remedies that I have come to know and trust. Then he brought new friends into my life who taught me even more amazing tools and helped me overcome my fear of fruit. (Yes, this is a thing.) Was I perfect at this new life? Nope. But I kept choosing in and kept making progress. Am I perfect today? Nope. But I keep choosing in and keep making progress. In the end, (which is actually a glorious beginning) I have emerged as a new creation. I am focused on all things mind-body-spirit wellness; I am loving my life and that I have the energy to live it to the full; and I am excited to share all I know with anyone who wants to learn. This is what joy looks like. This is what transformation looks like. This is what healing looks like. The kind that goes all the way into your soul and then shines back out for the world to see.
And I will be forever grateful.

I am a wife to Greg; mom to Greg Jr., Zach and Kate; Soul Healing Hostess; writer; artist; lover of Jesus and seeker of the elusive wonders of simplicity, truth, balance and rest.

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