August 2016

Stop what you are doing and think about what you would do, if money nor time were an issue, that would EXCITE you. Don’t look back in fear or in analysis of your past, only forward to what you see yourself doing with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Tell me what that is in 1 sentence. No holding back. (text from Greg Gammon)

I am a visionary, dreamer of dreams, healer and fountain of truth, expressed through the use of my hands in prayer, touch, writing and art: experiencing emotions fully (lament, fear, joy, despair, contentment, ecstasy) through the power, presence and grace of God, extending an invitation to others into wholeness, wellness, creativity, expression and relationship.

I am a wife to Greg; mom to Greg Jr., Zach and Kate; CEO of Soul Healing; author; artist; lover of Jesus and seeker of the elusive wonders of simplicity, truth, balance and rest.

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