February 2011

This is my winter and my discontent.

I am cold outside and in.

My depression falls on me like an old wool blanket…

…too itchy, too warm, too familiar.

I want to move but I am overwhelmed.

My brain lies dormant while my body hibernates.

My soul is weary, but my spirit waits

for a sunny, sweet-smelling spring

to come and save me again… O, God.

There’s still ice on the window ledge

And snow on the ground.

But if I seek, I find

And he is who I’ve found.

There’s a sweetness I can taste.

There’s a fragrance I can smell.

There’s a power in my prayer,

Dear God, help me be well.

Sometimes the sun shines extra bright.

Sometimes I hear a bird.

My spring is in your promise.

My strength is in your Word.

I am a wife to Greg; mom to Greg Jr., Zach and Kate; Soul Healing Hostess; writer; artist; lover of Jesus and seeker of the elusive wonders of simplicity, truth, balance and rest.

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