November 2017

I am reminded of my vision back in 2008 of God hovering over me. Genesis 1:2 – he hovers over the surface of the void (the mess). At the time, I was mentally and spiritually climbing out of a pit of deep depression. The night of the vision, I had just climbed into bed. I remember feeling such peace lying there with him hovering so close. Despite my mess, he still loved me so much and wanted to be that close to me. Since then, I have stepped out of an old skin, a false one of shame, people pleasing and perfectionism.

So, I am reconnecting with my true self. The last time I knew her she was a young girl. She was always reading and writing a novel and throwing clothes into piles all over her room. She was often late for things because she was getting caught up in other things, like thoughts and dreams. A sign hung on her bedroom door: “this is my mess and I love it.” A few things have changed since those days. So, I’m redefining my mess for adulthood. I’m bringing creativity, freedom and grace to my relationships, business and ministry, shedding rigidity, judgment and detail-obsession. I’m bringing strength, discipline and humility to my health, rest and finances, shedding carelessness, sloth and gluttony.

Please be patient; God isn’t finished with me yet.             

Please be expecting; He is one to finish what he starts.

I am a wife to Greg; mom to Greg Jr., Zach and Kate; Soul Healing Hostess; writer; artist; lover of Jesus and seeker of the elusive wonders of simplicity, truth, balance and rest.

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